Steller's Cellar explained....

Steller's Cellar is the name affectionately given to our wine room by many of our supportive wine shoppers.  Steller is the last name of owners Mark and Wendy, so Steller's Cellar is quite appropriate and catching.  To brag about it a little, our wine selection is easily the largest for over a hundred miles with attractive pricing and a Steller local selection.  Take a moment to perouse these wineries, explore the hyperlinks, read my personal favorite and compare my pricing...



Alta Maria ...SMV Pinot Noir is my favorite... ($23.99)

Ancient Peaks ...Try Renegade (Syrah Blend) it really rocks!  ($19.99)

Andrew Murray ...Watch Hill Syrah is the one for me ($24.99)

Arrowood ...'02 Reserve Cab (94 pts) on sale for $49.99 'til it's gone!

Barrel 27...  Take the "Bull by the Horns" a 92 pt. Syrah, Tempranillo Petite Sirah blend for $29.99.

Baileyana ...Firepeak Pinot Noir is phenomenal... sale price $24.99

Beckman ...Cuvee le Bec is my fave, and at only $16.99 it won't break the bank!

Billy Jimmy ...Robin's fun label and the SMV Pinot is only 2/$36!!!

Bishop's Peak ...I love a good Sauv Blanc and this one fits the bill (2/$25.00)

Brewer Clifton ...the Zotovich Pinot is out of this World!!  ($44.99)

Bridlewood ...Blend 175 is an economical crowd pleaser.. sale price is only $12.99

Brucher ...An SMV Pinot Noir for only $16.99, are you kidding me?

Butter ...If you love a creamy Chardonnay, this is it!  ($14.99) very limited

Byron ...Jonathon makes some great Pinot's but try Nielson's for $29.99

C nagy ...Clarissa's SMV Pinot Noir wins my vote ($29.99)

Cakebread Cellars ...The Cab must be on your bucket list ($69.99)

Cambria best selling local Char is Katherine's Vineyard (only $19.99)

Casa Dumetz...  Sonja makes some really nice white's but my favorite is Sonja's Suds ($29.99)

Chronic Cellars...  Sofa King Bueno, with a name like that you just have to try it to see if it really is ($21.99)

Clayborne & Churchill ...Rarely does one find a perfect Gewurtraminer ($14.99)

Consilience ...Did you notice I love a great Syrah?  SBC $18.99

Costa de Oro ...Gary also plays a mean guitar, but try his tempranillo ($29.99)

Cottonwood Canyon...  Fabulous perveyors of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  Also, be sure to check out their Cave Tour.

Curran ...If you've never tried Grenache Blanc, it's time you did ($21.99)

Curtis ...Their Syrah is my favorite and at only $14.99 it's a great buy!

Cypress Vineyards ...Try J. Lohr's second label for only $7.00 (when you buy 3)

David Bruce ...They make a dynamite SMV Pinot Noir for only $29.99

Demetria ...Pantheon (Syrah blend) is on my A list ($19.99)

Derby ...Their Impico (Bordeaux blend) does it for me ($19.99)

Di Bruno ...Try Alfonso's Sangiovese from Stolpman; well worth the $21.99 price!

Doce Robles ...These all rock for only $9.99!  Barbera, Tempranillo, Syrah...

Edna Valley ...Paragon Chardonnay sell like crazy for $12.99

Fess Parker ...The Big Easy Syrah is certainly big ($29.99)

Firestone ...How 'bout Riesling on a warm California Night?  ($9.99)

Flying Goat ...Norm loves his Pinot's but Goat Bubbles pleases the masses ($31.99)

Foghat Cellars ...Yes, it's named for the band and Sierra Madre Char is only 2/$25!

Force of Nature ...The labels are incredible and the Tempranillo is sick!  ($17.99)

Four Vines ...It's called Maverick for a reason (Zin) only $19.99 here

Foxen ...Did you even know Foxen makes a Cab? It's top shelf and $49.99

Golden Bear ...I think Mike's Grenache is the best of this line up ($19.99)

HAKA Wines...  Freebird is my fave (Merlot/Tempranillo/Petite Verdot and Cab)  buy it today for $16.99

Haraszthy ...Zinfandel is all they do... Amador County is my fave ($19.99)

Hitching Post Wines...  So many nice wines to choose from... I pick Hometown Pinot Noir, drink it all day long for only $19.99

J Lohr ...This is a tough one but it has to be Petite Sirah ($17.99)

J. Wilkes...  Smashberry just got a top 100 Best Buy by Wine Enthusiest magazine (and it's only $9.99!!)

Jaffurs...  Tremendous Rhone varietals from this winery.  Thompson Vineyard Petite Sirah is my choice ($31.99)

JanKris ...Paso Robles AVA wines for only $5.00, only at OTM

Justin ...Isoscles just got a 95 rating!  Buy it today for $54.99

Ken Brown ...Limited production SBC Pinot Noir, I have it for $29.99

Kenneth Volk ...Ken sells Wild Horse then starts a better winery, try Negrette ($18.99)

Lea ...Lea Tensley loves making Pinot Noir, and this Pinot, her namesake, is true to her passion ($34.99)  Sta. Rita Hills

Liberty School...  The affordable of the three Hope Family Vineyards wines.  Enjoy Chardonnay for only $9.99!!!

Lincourt ...Once again, Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Rocks ($29.99)

Longoria ...Fe Ciega Pinot Noir rivals Sea Smoke but sells for $25 less ($49.99)

Margerum ...Uber Syrah truly is "over the top"  $42.99 is your price

Martian Ranch...  Out of this World wine!  Albarino is my choice for $19.99.

Martin Weyrich ...The winery nick-named this wine "date-rape" and it is decadently sweet and only $9.99.

McKeon Phillips ...Ardison was a great winemaker, artist and friend; his legacy lives on with his wine.. try Nebiolla for $16.99

Melville...   Their 91 point Verna's Syrah pleases my palate for a mere $21.99.

Meridian ...Chardonnay sells all day long for only seven bucks a bottle in 3's

Mosby ...Pinot Grigio is my choice here; easy drinking on a summer afternoon and only $8.99 a bottle.

Native 9 ...Another of our phenomenal top shelf Pinot's; this ninth generation California family sure got the wine right!  ($54.99)

Old Shandon Port Works ... This Paso Robles Syrah Port is a full 750 ml bottle for only $12.99.

Opolo...  Great Zinfandels reign from this area.  I enjoy Mountain Zin which we sell for $24.99.

Orin Swift...  Not a local wine but worthy of our menu.  The Prisoner is iconic but I still prefer Saldo Zinfandel for $27.99.

Peachy Canyon ...No, I won't choose Incredible Red, but rather Westside Zin, an incredible buy at $16.99.

Piedrassi...  If you've never been you have to visit the Wine Ghetto in Lompoc.  Once their enjoy Central Coast Syrah $18.99

Project Paso ...This is a project of  Don Sebestiani; they're all a great buy at only $9.99 (3/$27) but I choose Authentic Red with my tri-tip dinner.

Qupe ...The Central Coast Syrah used to be just fine, but the real crowd pleaser from Qupe is the Bien Nacido Syrah ($24.99)

Rabbit Ridge ...Wow, a Central Coast Wine for only six bucks (when you buy three) try the Zinfandel.

Rancho Sisquoc ...Rancho Sisquoc is my favorite local small production winery; Alec always does a fabulous job but Meritage is my fave ($19.99)

River Bench ...Yet another fabulous local winery; Bedrock Chardonnay is my pick ($19.99) Stainless Steel by the way

Roark Wine Co...  It's hard to find Chenin Blanc anywhere let alone a good one... and for only $14.99.

Robert Hall ...I'm a sucker for a good Rhone, so Rhone do Robles is an easy pick at only $13.99.

Roth Winery ...Roth is a lesser known Sonoma Winery and this Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir is delightful ($19.99).

Rusack ...Owned by the Wrigley Family (yes, you've seen it on Catalina Island, the Pinot Noir is very nice ($29.99).

Sanford ...Sanford & Benedict Vineyard Pinot Noir hands down!  Even at the $59.99 price tag.

Santa Barbara Winery ...ZCS is my pick here (Zinfandel, Carignane and Sangiovese) and only $12.99.

Sea Smoke ...Year after year this wine has a cult following and is harder and harder to get.  I have Southing for $74.99.

Sextant  ...Wheelhouse Zin is wonderful ($17.99)

Sierra Madre ...They've been growing superb grapes for years and now Lane tanner is vinting excellent wines as well (try block 216 for only $39.99)

Silverado ...Napa Valley Merlot, truly outstanding... my price is $32.99.

Sobriquet ...Another fantastic boutique winery run by husband and wife (Chris & Christina Stanton) their Syrah is outstanding ($24.99)

Stag's Leap ...FAY Vineyard Napa Valley Cab is stupendous!  Buy it today and drink it in a decade!  $59.99

Star Lane ...The Sauvignon Blanc is quite good...$14.99

Summerland ...Not very often can you find a local Grenache for only $13.99 that really rocks.

Taz ...Goat Rock Santa Maria Valley Syrah is the winner here... $24.99.

Tensley...  Tensley just received a huge score on their Colson Canyon Syrah.  I like it too!!!  ($34.99)

Three Creek Vineyard ...Winemaker Doug Margerum hit a home run with Bank, a nice Happy Canyon red blend for $19.99

Three Saints ...The Three Saint AVA's are Santa Maria, Sta Rita and Santa Ynez; try the Chardonnay for only $15.99.

Tin House ...This is a second label of Alec Franks (Rancho Sisquoc)  The Pinot Noir grapes are all grown on the same Flood Ranch Vineyard ($19.99)

Tobin James ...A great value wine in Chateau le Cacheflo (only $9.99).

Tolosa ...Looking for something a little different?  Try the Rousanne, only $15.99.

Tooth & Nail...  Great wines from Rob Murray.  The Possessor is incredible (Cab, Petite Sirah, Syrah Blend)  $24.99 all day long.

Toretti ...Bob Torres has a great thing going here with four nice Pinot Noir varietals to choose from, I pick Santa Maria Valley for $34.99.

Vaquero ...Jim Pollard went form the Insurance Business to Wine; just what was he thinking?  Try the Sangiovese ($17.99)

Waltzing Bear ...Tantara puts this nice wine out; the Cargasacchi Jalama Vineyard Pinot Noir is dynamite ($19.99)

Wild Hare ...Asecond value label from Rabbit Ridge; a nice Petite Sirah for only five bucks (when you buy three).

William James ...Robin Bogue has turned into an accomplished winemaker.  I really enjoy Hampton Vineyards Syrah and $19.99 is a Steller price!

Wind Run ...This unknown second label of Kenneth Brown is really quite nice.  Enjoy an SBC Chardonnay for only $15.99

Zaca Mesa ...Z Cuvee is my choice here ($18.99).